About Cuddla

Welcome to Cuddla.com!

A website dedicated to you, the dog parent and dog lover who wants to communicate clearly with your furry friend, better understand their needs and strengthen your bond with them. This way you enrich both your lives and also become a more confident pet owner with a dog devoted to you.

Our Story


Before Cuddla

6 Dogs, plus some other furry pets.

Those are the shared numbers both Lily & her partner had, from before adulthood.

We had both grown up with dogs as part of our family and household members, and although the environments and experiences were different, the feelings and stories told had a common theme: 

As dog parents and lovers, answering the question, "Do you LOVE your dog (or dogs in general)?", is pretty easy. The answer is "YES!!"

But if we're honest, the love is not always ON 24/7. Sometimes it's anxiety, fear, stress, frustration, doubt, etc. Because we go through different experiences and situations with our dogs, certain things can feel difficult, especially when we are uncertain of what to do.


How Cuddla Came About

The name CUDDLA symbolizes Cuddles - because that's one of the most loving and affectionate ways to express the bond we share with our furry friends! It's from this core emotion that led to the creation of this website - Cuddla.com.



Cuddla.com is a place for dog lovers, with a dedication to:

Making it easier for you as a dog parent, so you can feel more confident and at ease with your pooch, in and outside the home.

We aim to do the hardwork by giving you the vital information you need in a memorable & easy-to-find way that answers your questions and gives you ideas when you need them. We also go further to provide you with the tools and resources that matter the most and make a difference to what you want.

This way you can spend more quality time with your well-behaved, healthy, and cheerful dog who is devoted to you. There's nothing better than that!

The Team


Co-Founder and Blogger

Lily grew up with puppies and adopted dogs, and is currently a dog fosterer with her husband. She dedicates much of her time learning and sharing more about what it means to nurture a devoted and healthy dog in the modern day environment, especially for current and aspiring dog parents with many questions and challenges. Read more about Lily here.

The Dogs

Cuddle Enthusiasts

In no particular order, these include Spanish Mastiffs, Boxer, Spanish Shepherd, Yorkshire Terrier, West Highland Terrier, Pug... and many more to come. Without them, there wouldn't be much curiosity to know and learn more about our furry friends (and ourselves as dog parents and lovers!). Without them, there would be no Cuddla.

The love of furry cuddles led me to Cuddla.”

- Lily


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