About Lily Ferreras


Co-Founder and Blogger

Hi! I'm Lily and from the happy memories and challenges of raising and living with my dogs, Cuddla (think cuddles with your dog!) was born.

Our furry friends are intuitive and sensitive creatures, and I've learnt so much from my puppies and adopted adult dogs of different breeds - from the strong and calm Mastiff to the small and feisty Terrier, and even the 'hyper' energetic Basque Shepherd dog.

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I grew up surrounded by dogs, and now I'm a dog fosterer with my husband. Fostering gives me the opportunity to interact with different dogs and prepare them for a life in a new home. 

Since dogs are a fun challenge and great companions, I dedicate much of my time learning and writing about what it means to nurture a devoted and healthy dog in the modern-day environment. My passion for the work I do at Cuddla is to share things as I learn them, in order to help current or aspiring dog parents enjoy having a healthy and devoted dog. 


- Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist by Dogs Naturally University.

Studied Subject Matters:

- Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist Course by Dogs Naturally University.

- Dog Emotion and Cognition by Duke University.

- The Truth About Cats and Dogs by The University of Edinburgh.

Volunteer Work:

- Dog Fosterer at ProDogs Direct.

XoXo, Lily


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