Stop Puppy Mouthing: From 8 Weeks, to 8 Months, and Beyond

Dog Training Essentials 3 of 3

Welcome to part 3 of 3 of the Dog Training Essentials 3-part audio series. Here are the 3 key areas you'll discover:

The Real Key

The real key to stopping mouthing (the 1 thing to focus on) *Hint* Learn what "The Redirect" is.

A Crazy Training Concept 

The most crazy concept in puppy training regarding mouthing that many people do wrongly.

Bomb-Proofing Everything

What to do if your puppy mouthing training all falls apart & why it happens, and how to bomb proof everything.

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Helpful Tip...

The cool thing with this approach is that there’s no need for shouting or smacking your puppy which can often make matters worse!

Have you noticed that the more you shout the more excited they become and the more they bite?

At the end of the audio, Doggy Dan also mentioned where you can find one of the very best puppy training programs that will save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. 

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