The 3 Most Important Steps to Stop Dog Pulling on Leash

Dog Training Essentials 2 of 3

Welcome to part 2 of 3 of the Dog Training Essentials 3-part audio series. Here are the 3 key areas you'll discover:

Calming Your Dog

Getting off to a perfect start and what everyone gets wrong + when to put the lead on.

The Structured & Social walk

Knowing the 2 types of walk and how they are different and why this is important.

Become the Pack Leader

Become the pack leader (the missing piece and why 99% of dog owners are loosing and struggling walking with their dog and how to win your dog's heart

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Helpful Tip...

Whether your dog constantly walks in front of you, is just totally over-excited, or often yanks your arm out its socket, it’s no fun. And it’s even worse when you see everyone else’s dog walking calmly by their side.

Not only that, but did you know... almost every other unwanted behavior issue that occurs outside the house is connected to that lack of control on the walk? That’s why the walk is so important.

When you understand why your dog has been pulling all this time you’ll want to share what you know!

At the end of the audio, Doggy Dan also mentioned where you can find one of the very best puppy training programs that will save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. 

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